Welcome to my site: Mechtechzero .  This site was put in place for  multiple reasons.  This first is to have a place to post my assignments for class, which can be blessing and a pain.  The second is a way to share my interests.  And on that note the third reason for this site is a place for people who enjoy it ideas and games involving mechs (and mechas) and share their thoughts and insights vile my messageboard.

I've only just recently started this site so I hope to add many more feactures in the future as well as inprove on what I all ready have.  The site's Gallery is currently empty so I need to add pics to it.  The MessageBoard doesn't like anyone without a Tripod account, I talking to Tripod about that.  I hope to add a MechPilots Memebers List so people interested in mech topics have a way of contacting each other.  If I can figure out Tripods CGIs I may add a forum and/or a survey.

At any rate, surf my site and see what you think.  If you are interested in mech or would like to find out more about them checkout Mech Data and then hit the MessageBoard.