Covan Mech Form

Pilots Name:

Left Shoulder Slot  
Left Hip Mount  
Right Hip Mount  
Left Back Slot  
Right Torso Slot  
Left Arm Mount  

Below is a Weapon Chart to give you an idea of the weapons.

Name Type Firing Path Damage Range Accuracy Shots per Round Description
ED Rifle Energy lineofsight Fairly Poor Good Good 1 Standard energy rifle
ED-FS20 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Fair Fair Fair 5 Light fully automatic energy gun
ED-FS50 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Fairly Good Fairly Poor Fairly Poor 10 Medium fully automatic energy gun
ED-FS70 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Fairly Good Fairly Poor Fairly Poor 15 Fully automatic energy gun
ED-FS90 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Good Poor Poor 20 Heavy fully automatic energy gun
SP-G25 Explosive lob Good Poor Fair 1 Small grenade launcher
SP-G75 Explosive lob Very Good Fair Fairly Poor 1 Heavy grenade launcher
ST3-Rocket  Explosive lineofsight Very Good Fairly Good Fair 1 Standard rocket launcher
SW5-MiniRocket Explosive lineofsight Fairly Good Fairly Poor Fairly Poor 5 Fire is swarm pattern
SW10-MiniRocket Explosive lineofsight Good Poor Fairly Poor 10 Fire is swarm pattern
CL35-Log Missiles lineofsight Very Good Good Fairly Poor 1  
"Slug" Gun Shell lineofsight Very Good Fair  Fair 1 Semi-automatic Large Caliber Gun
LP-Missiles Missiles lineofsight Fair Excellent VeryGood 6,12,16,20 Low Paylow Warheads, Longer Range
HP-Missiles Missiles lineofsight Good Good VeryGood 4,6,8 High Paylow Warheads, Shorter Range
            Damage increase with more missiles
Long Sword Melee N/A Very Good Melee Very Good    
Short Sword Melee N/A Good Melee Very Good    
Chain Whip Melee N/A Good Melee Good    
Chainsaw Melee N/A Excellent Melee Fairly Good    
Shield Defense           Small Gladiator Style Shield
Full Shield Defense           Hand Held, Covers Almost All of the Mech