Welcome to SteelAngels Game page

The SteelAngels is group story-tell game. Each member playing the game gets to make a character.  There are also NPCs (non-player character) that help to fill out the story.  One member will start the story, he is the narrator and telling what is going on.  The others decide what each of their characters will do.  The narrator tell the results of their actions and the story continues.  Each character has a bio page describing them and their skills. This helps the narrator decide on how successful the characters are at what they try to do.  Once the narrator ends his part of the story or someone else get a good idea then someone begins to narrate.  There is a subtext forum where members can discuss ideas.  To get the background on the SteelAngles universe, click on the SteelAnglesText link below.    

Below is a Weapon Chart to give you an idea of the weapons.

Name Type Firing Path Damage Range Accuracy Shots per Round Description
ED Rifle Energy lineofsight Fairly Poor Good Good 1 Standard energy rifle
ED-FS20 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Fair Fair Fair 5 Light fully automatic energy gun
ED-FS50 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Fairly Good Fairly Poor Fairly Poor 10 Medium fully automatic energy gun
ED-FS70 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Fairly Good Fairly Poor Fairly Poor 15 Fully automatic energy gun
ED-FS90 AutoGun Energy lineofsight Good Poor Poor 20 Heavy fully automatic energy gun
SP-G25 Explosive lob Good Poor Fair 1 Small grenade launcher
SP-G75 Explosive lob Very Good Fair Fairly Poor 1 Heavy grenade launcher
ST3-Rocket  Explosive lineofsight Very Good Fairly Good Fair 1 Standard rocket launcher
SW5-MiniRocket Explosive lineofsight Fairly Good Fairly Poor Fairly Poor 5 Fire is swarm pattern
SW10-MiniRocket Explosive lineofsight Good Poor Fairly Poor 10 Fire is swarm pattern
CL35-Log Missiles lineofsight Very Good Good Fairly Poor 1  
"Slug" Gun Shell lineofsight Very Good Fair  Fair 1 Semi-automatic Large Caliber Gun
LP-Missiles Missiles lineofsight Fair Excellent VeryGood 6,12,16,20 Low Paylow Warheads, Longer Range
HP-Missiles Missiles lineofsight Good Good VeryGood 4,6,8 High Paylow Warheads, Shorter Range
            Damage increase with more missiles
Long Sword Melee N/A Very Good Melee Very Good    
Short Sword Melee N/A Good Melee Very Good    
Chain Whip Melee N/A Good Melee Good    
Chainsaw Melee N/A Excellent Melee Fairly Good    
Shield Defense           Small Gladiator Style Shield
Full Shield Defense           Hand Held, Covers Almost All of the Mech